Mergers, acquisitions and finance – for every sector.

Your organisation can sometimes increase its impact with a merger, acquisition, divestment or reorganisation, or with the help of fundraising. These transactions have to be handled carefully, to make sure they achieve their objectives, and don’t cost more than they gain.

We don’t just help with the nuts and bolts of the transaction. We help you develop your transaction strategy, and we support your preparation. That includes financial due diligence, as well as other ‘test and challenge’ processes.

Our team has many years of experience supporting private-sector companies, charities, public-sector organisations and social enterprises. Combining that with our impact knowledge we can help you to use transactions and growth finance to achieve that the impacts you want whether they are in social, environmental or economic frames.

How we help

For acquisitions, we can help you to identify possible targets, then value, approach, and negotiate with them. For sales or hive-outs, we guide or manage the process of selling or transferring businesses that don’t fit your strategy any more. We also help you plan fundraising for your projects, and working alone or with others we can help you to find that capital. 

We can undertake financial due diligence, valuations and other tests of risk and viability to help you assess whether to do a transaction. We can also draw in our strategy team to help with delivering the changes needed to make the transaction a success.

We deal with distressed businesses as well as solvent ones. We can also help with the full range of transactions, including joint ventures, partnerships, networks, mergers, demergers, and arrangements for the use of intellectual property.