All the legal and regulatory support you need – under one roof.

Equity, debt, peer-to-peer (p2p) lending: crowdfunding can take many forms. We’ve been working in this fast-growing industry since the early days. We’ve also been an advisor, secretary and supporter to the UK Crowdfunding Association since it formed in 2012.

This means we have people to support you across our firm – from corporate and commercial to social finance. It also means we’ve worked with many clients. So whatever your size, and whether you deal in debt or donations, we can help. Our in-house consultancy, Bates Wells Compliance, can make sure your platform meets its regulatory obligations.

How we help

Starting a platform? We’ll help you establish it and get authorisation from the FCA. We’ll make sure you understand and comply with the relevant regulation.

We’ll then look after the legal side of your regular activities, like drawing up contracts and signing off financial promotions. We already do all this for some of the leading equity, debt-based, P2P and donation-based platforms in the UK.

Raising money through crowdfunding platforms? We’ll make sure any agreement is legally watertight before you sign. We’ll also advise you if your constitution or shareholder agreements have to change. We’ve steered many other organisations through this process – from infrastructure contractors to food retailers.