Fundraising & Trading

We help make your brilliant ideas reality.

Lotteries, sponsorship, online shops: charities need to raise money to achieve their goals. It’s why you hire innovative, entrepreneurial fundraisers. And we love working with them to turn their great ideas into reality.

But even the simplest idea can have complex implications when it comes to tax and regulation. We know how to unpick the knots.

We work hard to help you stay on the right side of the Fundraising Regulator, the Information Commissioner and the tax man.  Our advice can make sure that far more money reaches the charity.

How we help

We advise on the legal, tax and regulatory implications of:

  • appeals, including online and text donations and legacy campaigns
  • corporate sponsorship and commercial deals
  • fundraising events, including worldwide challenge events
  • lotteries, free prize draws and competitions
  • collecting and protecting people’s data
  • charity shops.

We also help you understand when your charity can trade directly, when it needs to use a subsidiary and how to structure that subsidiary. 

And if your fundraising ever becomes front page news for the wrong reasons, our Media Disputes team can help you manage the damage.