Procurement & State Aid

We look for possibilities, not loopholes

Whether you’re a public sector provider, or a commissioner of services, you’ll know how many rules there are to navigate – and how easy it is to get caught out.

We want to help you get the result you want and are committed to giving strategic, practical answers. We’re experts in alternative delivery models for local authorities, the NHS and other public bodies.

We work with public authorities, charities, social enterprises delivering public services and a host of other organisations caught by the rules.

How we help

Whether you’re a charity, social enterprise, commercial company or a public body, we’ll interpret the state aid and procurement rules that apply to you. And if a procurement decision hasn’t gone your way, we’ll let you know whether we think you’ve got a case to challenge the result.

On the flipside, if you’re running the procurement, we’ll help you ensure your process is watertight. So, you’re less likely to be challenged on your choice of partner – and if you are, you’ll be able to defend it.

We also advise auditors who are dealing with procurement and state aid issues at local and national government level.