Competition law applies to most organisations which offer goods and services in the UK (and in the EU as a whole). It captures both large and small organisations, from plc to SME, public to private and the third sector. Recent investigations by the UK competition authorities have shown that they are willing to tackle any market from light fittings to ophthalmology.

You might be familiar with the competition world of mergers, anti-competitive agreements and abuse of dominance. Or perhaps it is an alien concept and has suddenly become relevant to your activities. We will advise you according to your needs, in a jargon-free, approachable manner. We will help defend yourselves from spurious claims by competitors and demands from your suppliers. (We can also help get you out of hot water if you have strayed and devise a bespoke compliance programme to minimise your risk going forward). If you are considering a joint venture or an acquisition, we can help there too and guide you through UK merger control.

To give you a flavour, we recently advised:

• an SME on whether it should notify a business acquisition to the authorities;
• a social enterprise on compliance with EU State aid rules in respect of grant funding;
• a household goods manufacturer on restrictions in its commercial agreements; and
• a professional membership association on its collaboration policy.

Whatever your circumstances, our extensive experience across all sectors of the UK economy means we understand and we are in a good place to help. Our friendly team of competition, public and regulatory lawyers look forward to speaking with you.

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