Venture Capital

We help start-ups and investors find their perfect match. 

As a start-up or scale-up, finding the capital you need to fulfil your ambitions can be tricky – especially when it means handing over control of your business.

As an investor, you can’t afford to just hand over your money to an unknown entity without a proportionate share of the equity, and a real say in the business. And you want to invest in businesses that you really believe in.

We help both sides find the right balance between risk, reward and control.

How we help

We advise scale-ups on finding capital, particularly in the tech sector. They come to us because we understand their world, and we don’t cost the earth.

And we advise venture capitalists – especially those interested in the impact economy, investing in businesses whose purpose is to benefit society or the environment in some way. As the only law firm in the UK that’s also a B Corp, we understand that more than most.