Our specialist patent attorney and IP solicitors team support businesses throughout the entire process of protecting an invention, from concept to registered patent and beyond. We often work with the inventor to further refine and define the scope of the invention for patenting purposes.

Our services

We offer the following services:

  • Consultation and Analysis
  • Consultation for all new clients
  • Analysis of the invention and tailored recommendations
  • An explanation of the patenting process and any suitable alternative or complementary forms of protection


  • Searches of patent registers and the internet
  • Analysis of search results and a full report with practical recommendations

Applications and Registrations

  • Drafting UK/European patent applications
  • Filing patent applications in the UK/Europe and international territories
  • Management of patents through to registration, including dealing with obstacles such as patent registry objections
  • Management of national validation of European patents
  • Management of patents in the post-registration phase, including dealing with opposition by other parties

Ongoing Protection and Exploitation

  • Patent annuities payments
  • Advice and assistance on patent enforcement and disputes
  • Licensing structures and agreements
  • Further developments of inventions
  • Patent portfolio audits

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