EU State Aid & Subsidy Control

From central Government to local authorities and specially appointed intermediaries, applicants for funding and related beneficiaries, we know our way around the complexities of the EU state aid regime. Brexit has resulted in a departure from the EU rules (with a degree of carve out for Northern Ireland) but the EU still has clawback powers for aid granted in the UK up to the end of 2020.

The Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the EU sets out a new, replacement UK regime of ‘subsidy control’ - similar but slightly different in its practical application and currently a work in progress for Government. A firm legal framework and confirmation as to who will oversee the new regime is expected during 2021.

How we can help

During this uncertainty, the overarching need for compliance on the side of funders, distributors and beneficiaries continues. With our long-standing experience in the field of public funding, we can help you navigate both the EU state aid regime (if relevant) and the developing area of subsidy control.

We will cut through the EU and UK jargon and give practical advice to help you to either deliver or receive public funding to worthy causes.