The Charities Bill, Explained: catch up on the full series

What does your charity need to know about the proposed new Bill? Our blog series untangles the key issues across a range of topics to pull out the points your charity will understand, action now and plan for.


Catch up with the latest blogs in the series.

  1. Amending a corporate charity’s constitution
    If the Charities Bill becomes law, it will change the rules on amending governing documents for charities which are companies or Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs). In this blog, we outline what these organisations will need to know.
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  2. Amending the governing document of a charitable trust or unincorporated association
    If your organisation is an unincorporated charity, including charitable trusts and charitable unincorporated associations, here’s what you’ll need to know about changing your governing document under the new Bill.
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  3. Failed charity appeals
    Charities often make appeals to raise money for a particular project. If they raise too much money, how should the charity deal with the extra funds (surplus cases)? Or if they don’t raise enough and the equipment cannot be purchased, what should the charity do with these funds (called initial failure)? This blog looks at how the new Bill handles the rules around this.
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  4. Changes and clarifications to the law around legacies
    This blog takes a deep dive into the proposed changes to the law around legacies – including ex gratia payments, mergers and charity land.
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