Green your contracts

Making changes to your contracts (both external and internal) can be a great place to start if you want to become a more purpose & impact driven business. 

Whether you’re a business or a charity, our team can tailor any contract to ensure your ESG goals are achieved.  Our team of expert lawyers can walk you through small and efficient steps to ensure your goals are achieved and that embedding Purpose & Impact into your business aligns directly with your strategy.

By rooting these changes into the heart and soul of your business, we can help you to create a ripple effect of positive impact throughout your organisation.

We can:

Drive sustainability throughout your supply chain

We create supplier contracts and agreements that support you to measure impact and drive values and sustainability down supply chains

Embed equity, diversity & inclusion at your core:

We can ensure EDI is at the heart of what you do by:

Developing employment contracts and handbooks that embed a positive approach to EDI

Developing contracts and supplier agreements that put EDI considerations at the core of the relationship


Heighten and measure your purpose:

We can help to review all contracts to bring them into line with your values and purpose, including:

Creating employment contracts that are people friendly and easy to read and understand

Establishing employment handbooks that reflect purposeful and/ or B Corp values

Develop a Real estate strategy that addresses the environmental impacts of your building

Put governance systems in place that help hold you to account or embed a triple bottom line

Meet your climate commitments:

We put climate considerations at the core of your relationships by developing tailored contracts and supplier agreements.


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