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Are you on the journey towards empowering your organisation to do business in a way that is values-driven, as well as profitable? As the first law firm in the UK to certify as a B Corp, we bring first-hand insight and experience to our legal advice.

We can go beyond the legal essentials to fully support you throughout your B Corp journey. We advise on practical steps to strengthen your initial application, including a review of governance processes and employment structures and practices. We can help with the creation of bespoke and innovative legal, constitutional and governance structures. We figure out how to articulate the social identity and purpose of your business into its constitution, and solve sustainability issues affecting the premises you own or occupy.

We’ve been instrumental in the establishment of B Corporations in the UK and invite you to tap into our experience and expertise. Whether you’re considering B Corp certification and looking for guidance on the process, or are an established B Corp seeking new ways to embed your principles and values further in your business, we can help.

B Corps are for-profit organisations redefining success in business by embedding a commitment to positive social and environmental impact at the heart of their governance. Companies limited by shares, companies limited by guarantee, LLPs, community interest companies and a range of other structures are all eligible for certification.

How we help

We have B Corp-expert lawyers in every department who both share your values and have knowledge of the B Corp standards. Settling a discrimination claim, dealing with a waste disposal hazard or agreeing a new supplier contract or process all have – positive or negative – B Corp implications.

Our team is uniquely placed to advise on the certification process. We advised on the establishment of B Corporations in the UK and were instrumental in the development of the UK legal test for certification. Luke Fletcher and Louise Harman both currently sit on B Lab UK’s policy council, shaping policy and considering regulatory issues for B Corps.


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