Commercial Contracts

We use our industry know-how to anticipate risks and tailor commercial contracts to you.

Commercial contracts are core to our business. They naturally suit the way we work because getting them right means knowing our clients and their priorities.

It means building relationships, not just drafting contracts.
It means knowing our clients’ industries and sectors inside out.

We’re specialists in technology, projects, outsourcing, manufacturing, advertising and marketing, distribution, sponsorship, joint ventures, IP, licensing, franchising and eCommerce.

How we help

Our breadth of expertise helps us spot risks and deal with them sooner. It also puts us in the best position to rise to your challenge, hit tight deadlines and make sure your commercial contract is a success.

We advise on commercial matters big and small. We’ll help you handle your next global outsourcing deal or a straightforward consultancy project. We also advise on terms and conditions of sale, including consumer terms.

If your agreement’s global and international laws apply, we’ll call on our trusted network of global, like-minded commercial contract specialists. So, you’ll get sound commercial advice wherever you are in the world.