Data & Privacy

We treat data as an asset.

We understand that the right approach to data & privacy can be a real asset to your organisation. We also recognise the impact that good data & privacy practices can have on wider society.

We advise on data & privacy compliance across all sectors of the economy, from tech startups to established businesses, charities, not-for-profits and the public sector.  We are experts on the UK’s post-Brexit legal landscape as well as on the EU’s frameworks and new legislative proposals including on AI.  We also have an international perspective and have helped organisations operating in multiple jurisdictions to navigate complex supply chains and regulatory requirements.

We know that you need advice that lets you carry on doing what you need to do. We bring clear solutions and pragmatic guidance.

How we help

We help our clients navigate the requirements of data & privacy while realising the opportunities. Beyond advising on data, privacy and e-privacy law, we advise on the Freedom of Information Act 2000, confidentiality and more.

Our approach is pragmatic, practical, efficient and commercial. We understand your objectives, advise on the privacy compliance framework and the potential implications of using data.

We can support you with assessments, responses to requests and devising strategies for compliance. And if you’ve had a data security breach, we can assist straight away to support you.


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“The expert legal advice Bates Wells’s team provides is well informed by business realities and an understanding of facts on the ground.”

Data Protection, Chambers 2024

“Their drafts of legal advice were always to a very high standard and they took on board feedback very effectively, which all led to the strengthening of our position.”

Data Protection, Chambers 2024

“They are clearly very knowledgeable.”

Data Protection, Chambers 2024

‘The team is attentive to our needs, understands our business and what makes us unique. Their advice is commercial and balances risk well.’

Data Protection, Legal 500 2024

‘Bates Wells is extremely innovative and client-focused. The firm has a very clear identifiable vision about its role and values in delivering their services.’

Data Protection, Legal 500 2024

‘Bates Wells gives very practical and timely advice on privacy matters, in a manner that is understandable to non-experts.’

Data Protection, Legal 500 2024
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