Megan Vick

Trainee solicitor


I decided to train as a solicitor following my degree in International Relations, and a few years working on a TV news desk for an international news agency. Politics, of course, was a dominant presence in my life throughout these experiences, and what I became really fascinated in was the question of how the citizens of this country (and indeed, the world) are kept safe and well and allowed to prosper, and what interaction these needs have with the politics of how they are governed.

Not content to report or observe, I turned to the law as a sort of ‘toolkit’ for thinking about these questions, and as a means for becoming actively involved in society as changes so rapidly.

Searching for law firms to begin your career with can be an overwhelming task, particularly as a non-law graduate. I tried my hand at a few different legal work experience placements, from insolvency litigation to product liability claims, before I discovered Bates Wells. The strap line “city firm with a conscience” was a beacon of hope! What I found at Bates Wells was a wealth of clients at the cutting edge of public service delivery, international development, the impact economy… and the list goes on. There is no stereotypical Bates Wells trainee, but I think we all share a passion for the direction of the firm as a purposeful and values-driven organisation.

I completed a vacation scheme here in 2016 and worked for a while for the Dispute Resolution team as a paralegal. I am currently in my second seat as a trainee in the Charity and Social Enterprise department, and every client I have worked with so far has been uniquely inspiring! There is plenty of support available to me in my training, but I am trusted and encouraged to take increasing responsibility as my confidence grows. I would highly recommend training here at Bates Wells, and working as a paralegal here is a great way to get to the firm better.

Good luck with your application!