If having an impact and achieving change is important to your organisation, help is at hand.

Sonnet logoBates Wells works closely with Sonnet, a consultancy that helps organisations like yours to define your goals and set a strategy for achieving them, from planning to delivery. Sonnet can also measure the effects you’re already having – intended or not – and report on your progress clearly and transparently.

The Sonnet team brings together people from all sorts of backgrounds – all with strong values. They’ve worked in financial and economic advisory, social research, corporate finance, enterprise, and strategic management and development.

So whatever kind of organisation you are, together we’ll help you see the opportunities in real-world situations.

Sonnet can help with:

  • developing your strategy
  • insight and research
  • planning your impact – what outcomes you’ll target
  • delivering and managing that impact
  • impact measurement frameworks, and systems
  • transactional advice and support
  • risk analysis and planning
  • impact reporting, validation and assurance
  • financial, economic business, and governance advice

To learn more, visit sonnetimpact.co.uk