LGBT+ services for organisations

If your organisation wants to ensure that it's acting as an ally, we can help.

We help charities and organisations to engrain EDI principles and embed inclusivity at the core of what they do in order to create long term positive impact for the LGBT+ community.

How we help

We help organisations by: 

  • Futureproofing through providing training to boards on understanding obligations under the Equality Act, giving an introduction to identifying protected characteristics such as sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, types of discrimination, and understanding what the board can and can’t do
  • Providing support with reputation management in disputes of this nature, both for defendants and claimants
  • Incorporating LGBT+ friendly EDI objectives into recruitment, training, performance reviews and promotion procedures
  • Undertaking reviews for public bodies and large not-for-profit organisations which involve detailed analysis of existing policies, processes, practices and structures. We make robust recommendations for improvements while winning buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Advising on inclusion of LGBT+ minorities, particularly where there are competing interests, including advice on lawful positive action
  • Identifying and mitigate EDI issues and risks for the LGBT+ community throughout organisations by putting the right policies in place
  • Tackling data privacy issues connected to EDI surveys
  • Advising fundraising teams on accepting donations which are restricted towards benefiting people with particular protected characteristics
  • Advising boards on EDI issues around trustee recruitment.
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