With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continuing to cause unprecedented disruption for organisations across a range of sectors, our latest edition to the BatesCast Updates series sees us sit down with Karli Hiscock and William Scott in our Real Estate department to discuss what the impact the pandemic and the Coronavirus Act might have on the real estate market in the UK.

In the episode, Karli and Will discuss what the pandemic could mean for landlords, tenants and occupiers of property, and how collaboration can mutually help everyone to move forward. We explore what the next few months might look like in the world of real estate, touching on the possibility of slower transactions with extended timelines and how peoples’ spacial requirements might look very different in the future. 

BatesCast is a new series of Updates delving into all things legal relating to the coronavirus pandemic. Over the coming weeks we’ll be providing bite-sized legal insights which can help you to understand and navigate a way through this difficult period. Our Real Estate team will be appearing in future Updates, so stay tuned!

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