Real Estate Update | Winter 2018-19

In the Winter edition of the Real Estate update:

Real Estate
  • We continue the theme of looking to future developments in the market with Malcolm Headley looking at the evolution of the office leasing market, and where it is heading.
  • A good landlord-tenant relationship is key to a successful tenancy and is a good investment if you may need greater flexibility from your landlord if your circumstances change. Christina Tennant outlines the fundamentals of building and maintaining a good relationship with your landlord.
  • William Scott argues that understanding your rights and obligations as a tenant can save your organisation time and money and give you greater flexibility now and in the future.
  • Those in the real estate industry may not be aware of the many ways in which data privacy law can impact on their business. Lucas Atkin provides a useful summary of data privacy’s key impacts for property businesses.
  • And finally we have our regular property law case roundup, covering key case law that impacts on the real estate sector.

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