International NGOs

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Being an INGO is rewarding, but tough. Sending your teams and volunteers into often-difficult situations around the world can be present unusual challenges.

Then there’s compliance. You want to empower local partners to take ownership of development programs in their regions, but the need to balance this against compliance with strict UK regulations doesn’t make this easy.


Briefing for Charities & Social Enterprises | 28 November

Our weekly round up of news and updates from across the sector Charity Commission Blog on supported housing models The …
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New spending limits for non-party campaigners – what you need to know

Organisations and individuals that campaign ahead of an election (but are not standing candidates themselves) are known as ‘non-party campaigners’. …
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Spotlight 2023: Real Estate law update

Daniel Farrow, a solicitor in our Real Estate team, shares practical advice on aligning your property strategy with your operational …
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Spotlight 2023: Charity campaigning law update

Suhan Rajkumar, senior associate in our Politics, Elections and Campaigning team, provides practical commentary on campaigning law for charities including …
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Borrowing the family silver… a new power for charities with permanent endowment

In the Law Commission’s consultation on technical charity law issues there were differing views on what should be done with …
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