Impact Economy: Luke Fletcher writes for Pioneer’s Post

Luke Fletcher, partner in Bates Wells’ Charity & Social Enterprise team, has set out the reasons why Bates Wells believes that the Impact Economy has the “potential to affect the whole economic system” in a piece for Pioneer’s Post.


Produced as part of the magazine’s ‘Impact Revolution’ series, Luke’s article articulates Bates Wells’ belief in the future of the Impact Economy. He also explains how it is “a natural ally of traditional philanthropy and social enterprise”, and how what Bates Wells is seeing through its client base is “really the tip of the iceberg and that the Impact Economy will prove to be the future of business and the economy as a whole”.

Going into more detail about how the “Impact Economy will prove to be the future of business and the economy as a whole”, Luke says “the transition to the impact economy will be bumpy and turbulent but, given the sustainability and social challenges humanity faces, is there really any other way?”

If you’d like to talk further about the topics raised in the piece, please contact Luke directly, otherwise click here to read Luke’s piece in its entirety.

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