New scam fraudulently using Bates Wells & Braithwaite London LLP

It has come to our attention that the name Bates Wells & Braithwaite London LLP is being used to request sums of money to be deposited into an unknown bank account through the use of fraudulent invoices containing our firm’s name and logo.


A member of the public was contacted by an individual, calling himself ‘David Campbell’, who purported to be working with this firm. The email address used by this individual was [email protected] The invoice contains a phone number, 0303 123 1111, and an email address, [email protected] This phone number and email address do not belong to any member of Bates Wells staff and should not be responded to.

The invoice also contains details for a Nationwide account in the name of Miss J Alexander. This account is in no way related to Bates Wells and you should not send any money to it.

If you receive any telephone calls or other form of contact from this individual, please inform our Professional Standards & Risk team at [email protected]

This information is necessarily of a general nature and doesn’t constitute legal advice. This is not a substitute for formal legal advice, given in the context of full information under an engagement with Bates Wells.

All content on this page is correct as of March 27, 2019.