Law Society Gazette: Philip Trott comments on Hostile Environment

Philip Trott, partner in Bates Wells’ Immigration team, has provided insights to the Law Society Gazette on how the Home Office’s Hostile Environment policy is affecting businesses’ ability to recruit overseas workers and the effect of the government’s approach on individuals.


Noting how many individuals are impacted by Right to Rent legislation, Philip goes on to describe how the Hostile Environment policy has “permeated the entire profile of immigration”. To underline this point, Philip cites the case of an unnamed client who underwent a lengthy application process for a new biometric residence permit and how the attendant delays could have had an adverse impact on their immigration status.

He also states that the question of business immigration has now become enmeshed with personal matters explaining how, “you won’t be able to get a work permit if you aren’t earning enough. The only thing left is for people to rely on ‘love’ as they increasingly turn to human rights arguments that they have built relationships here. It is skewing people’s personal lives.” In summary Philip concludes by posing the question, “if you can’t get the answer through the business route because of Brexit, what can you get?”

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