Chetal Patel reviews the new UK elite visa in Personnel Today

The elite visa will help to “attract and retain the most highly skilled, globally mobile talent” in science and technology.

Chetal Patel, immigration specialist and partner, told Personnel Today: “This will be welcome news to tech businesses many of which were concerned about bringing talent from overseas following Brexit and coronavirus”.

Although “the focus on academic, science, research and tech is central to the government’s aim of attracting the brightest and the best with the hope that these sectors will help fix the economy”, Chetal thinks it is “disappointing that sectors that have been most severely hit by the pandemic, such as hospitality and the arts, have been omitted” and that reforms should be expanded to beyond just technology and science.

You can read the full article in Personnel Today here.

There were several new immigration system measures included in this year’s budget. To speak to Chetal about the measures revealed in the announcement, you are welcome to contact her here.

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