Real estate services for B Corps

We see real estate through an environmental lens.

What impact are your premises having on the environment? The B Impact Assessment asks you to consider this, whether you own the freehold to your premises or are a tenant.

How we help

Our Real Estate team are skilled at supporting businesses in making practical changes to reduce and monitor carbon emissions and to manage and occupy your premises in a more sustainable way. As the first law firm in the UK to certify as a B Corp, we bring first-hand insight and experience to our legal advice.

Regardless of what stage you are at in the life cycle of property, our Real Estate team are ready to review your options through a sustainable, climate-conscious lens. Whether you’re negotiating for new space, or reviewing your existing arrangements, these are key moments to discuss with your landlord or tenants the environmental initiatives of the building and the information you would want from them to help you measure and reduce your carbon footprint.

We’re not just limited to transactional advice. Our Real Estate Disputes Team is on hand to provide strategic advice on how to vacate your property in a more sustainable way with more of a focus on applying the principals of the circular economy to the dilapidations process.

Our Real Estate Finance team can advise on how to obtain green financing that is not just green washing the economic side of your property transaction.

We have template documents which could help in future lease negotiations, and these include specific provisions relating to environmental commitments.

We review titles and any lease documentation and can flag any restrictions that could impact on making changes to the premises, or where particular consents could be required with a particular focus on your environmental requirements.

Meet our team
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