We have provided young people in the social care system with the advice and assistance necessary to resolve their immigration status for good, enabling them to live in the UK with the same opportunities as their peers.

What happened?

We were contacted by a local authority concerned about a child in their care, Maria. Maria had been brought to the UK at a young age for the purpose of an adoption. However, when the adoption failed, Maria was left without permanent status and therefore a great deal of uncertainty. As Maria continued to grow up in the UK and enter her teen years, her immigration status began to impact her life. Maria was conscious that she could not go on holiday with her foster family or take part in school trips abroad.

How did we help?

We assisted Maria with obtaining indefinite leave to remain in the UK, meaning that she could live here permanently. However, without access to a passport, Maria was still unable to travel. We therefore prepared an application to register Maria as a British citizen, based on the indefinite leave we had already obtained. We succeeded in this application and Maria now possesses a British passport, enabling her to travel and live in the UK without concern for her immigration status.