Are you an established practitioner with experience in the legal areas covered by one or more of our major departments? Are you interested in joining BWB?

We are aware that some candidates like to use agencies for a range of reasons. The agent can sound us out as to your employability without your name being mentioned. You may be known to your opposite numbers at BWB and would not wish to apply formally if there is a high chance of rejection. You need to know some practical terms before you know if you are interested.

To assist you and to avoid BWB paying recruitment fees of up to 30% of your annual salary (which we would much prefer to spend on staff or increasing our charity client discount) we have set up an established practitioner’s service. The service gives you all the benefits of confidentiality but the added advantage of honest advice directly from BWB.

If you are an established practitioner (as a rule of thumb you should have billed over £200,000) and are interested in working at BWB, telephone me direct. My direct line is 0207 551 7638 and the conversation will be totally confidential. Names are not required at the initial contact - but you will need to provide enough broad information for my advice to be of help to you. If following that conversation you wish to send an "agency style" CV (without your name) I would take that forward on terms I agree with you.

In my role I am strategically placed to be aware of all current vacancies and all of the growth areas where vacancies may arise in the next months or where we are willing to recruit if the right candidate came forward. However my role has no contact with partners or fee earners or HR staff in other firms. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

If this is of interest please call or if you prefer e-mail me. Both routes are totally confidential (as is a message left on my voice mail), I am the only person who has access to any of these services.

Please call or email me – both options are totally confidential and I am the only person who has access to phone or email messages sent to me.

Sue Eve

Human Resources Director

Bates Wells Braithwaite

Tel: 0207 551 7638 (direct line)