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Along with many other UK companies, we’ve prepared a gender pay report covering all our employees. However, we’re a limited liability partnership, which means the top earners in our firm – our partners – are not employees, and wouldn’t usually be included in a professional service firm’s report.

We wanted to make sure our statistics covered the whole business, to give a true picture of where we are and where we’re headed. So we’ve prepared an additional non-statutory report, detailing the gender profit gaps for the firm’s partnership. It also provided details on the overall gender pay and profit gap for the firm as a whole.

You can find both reports in one document here.

View the report here.

Martin Bunch, our managing partner, said;

This year’s figures underline that, while we’re headed in the right direction, we still have more work to do in order to close our gender pay and profit gaps and live up to our responsibilities as a B Corp in this area. We already have plans in place to address the firm’s outstanding issues and we have these set out in all of our gender pay reports, which we hope will achieve this aim.

Next year with the involvement of our Diversity & Inclusion & Employee Forums, we plan to issue detailed analysis of Bates Wells’ ethnicity pay gap alongside our gender pay reports. By publishing this additional report we hope to again go beyond our regulatory obligations and provide a more complete picture of where we stand with respect to diversity.

Martin Bunch, managing partner

View the report here.