At Bates Wells we aim to create a strong sense of belonging through our culture, which enables everyone across the firm to reach their full potential. We also strive to create a positive impact on our profession and wider society.

As a B Corp, transparency is fundamental and this year we have gone above the statutory requirement and have included our ethnicity pay gap data. While this is the first time we have published our ethnicity results externally, we have been reporting internally for the last two years, so have three years of comparable data to monitor ourselves against. By holding ourselves accountable through this reporting, we can really focus on driving positive change.

Our equity pay report enables us to see the impact of our actions so far, but also clearly highlights where we still need to do more. We are committed to continuing to build a sustainable pipeline of diverse talent as well as to nurture and progress our employees within the firm.

The report covers:

  • What have we achieved?
  • Gender pay and bonus gaps;
  • Ethnicity pay and bonus gaps;
  • Our commitments for 2023.

Throughout the report the data used relates to 5 April 2022. As a limited liability partnership, our members (the partners) are not employees and cannot be included in our statutory gender pay gap or ethnicity statistics. However, for transparency we have detailed both our partner remuneration gaps for both gender and ethnicity.