Today we publish the ‘Bates Wells Gender Pay Report 2019’, our annual analysis of our gender pay data and what we plan to do to address our gender pay gap.

At Bates Wells, we are motivated and driven by our purpose and values. We believe in creating a workplace that is fair, inclusive and allows our people to reach their full potential.

Along with many other UK firms, we have prepared our 2019 gender pay report in order to provide as full as picture as possible of our gender pay gap.

What does the report include?

In line with the government requirements the report sets out the following:

  • Our employee pay gap;
  • Employee pay quartiles;
  • Partner profit gap;
  • Our combined pay and profit gap;
  • Mean employee pay gap %;
  • Combined partner profit and pay gap %;
  • What we have done to address our pay gap and what we’re going to do over the next year.

As a limited liability partnership, our members (the partners) are not employees and cannot be included in our statutory gender pay gap statistics. However, for transparency we have detailed both our partner profit gender gap and the gender earnings gap for the firm as a whole.

You can read the report in its full here.

Martin Bunch, Managing Partner, Bates Wells said:

“Over the past twelve months we have taken a number of positive steps to address our gender pay gap, and we can see from our latest gender pay figures that our gap is gradually being closed. Yet in this year’s report we acknowledge we need to do more to address this issue.

“From changes in our partner voting system through to the introduction of new family-friendly policies, in 2019/20 we have put in place measures which seek to close the gender pay gap swiftly and effectively.

“In this report we explain the various ways in which we will continue to do this in the run-up to next year’s reporting deadline, and why we believe taking action will resolve the matter of gender equality with respect to pay”.

If you have any questions concerning the data we have published, please contact Sam Hunter, Senior Press Officer, on +44 (0)7393 462 041 or [email protected]