The AllAboutLaw Awards showcases the best law firms in the UK. Awards recognise the quality of opportunities for aspiring solicitors, such as vacation schemes and training contracts, as well as the achievements of early talent teams for their marketing and recruitment efforts. The awards are based on the opinions of current aspiring solicitors in the UK, who were asked to select which firms they thought were the best.

Competing against other City law firms, Bates Wells has been recognised in the following categories:

Winner – Most Inclusive Assessment Process
Highly Commended – Best Law Firm
Highly Commended – Best Training Contract
Highly Commended – Best Vacation Scheme
Highly Commended – Best First Year Opportunities
Highly Commended – Best Culture
Highly Commended – Best Recruitment Campaign
Highly Commended – Best Website & Social Media
Highly Commended – Best Events
Highly Commended – Best Access to Lawyers
Highly Commended – Most Sustainable Recruitment Campaign
Highly Commended – Most Sustainable Recruitment Process
Highly Commended – Best Assessment Process

The AllAboutLaw Awards takes place annually and the awards were announced virtually in 2022, as part of AllAboutLaw’s ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability. Bates Wells has had its achievements recognised through the presentation of a digital badge, a selection of which can be viewed on Bates Wells’ AllAboutLaw Law Firm Hub.

Jack Denton, the co-founder of AllAboutLaw, said: “I am delighted about the achievements of the early talent and graduate recruitment team at Bates Wells. The awards recognise firms whose career opportunities are perceived well by aspiring solicitors. We also celebrate the dynamism of the early talent team, who conduct an excellent marketing campaign and recruitment process. Congratulations to all at Bates Wells!”