Augustus Della-Porta, partner in our Charity & Social Enterprise team, has contributed an article to the latest issue of The Forum, the quarterly journal published by the Muslim Charity Forum (MCF).

Augustus provides an update on the waqf (a process by which charitable giving can take place within Islam), and the legal requirements governing its use under English law. Following a brief summary of how waqf works, this piece examines how it works in practice and how that, due to a number of recent rulings, “waqf, particularly as ‘cash waqf’ can be seen as a new philanthropic model of sustainable social enterprise”.

In his contribution Augustus also highlights the crucial role Waqf has played in facilitating donations to schools, hospitals and other institutions within Muslim societies, suggesting that, while the number of waqf funds established in the UK is small, there is the potential for them to grow significantly over the coming years.

You can find this article, as well as a host of other insights in this area, on the MCF’s website.