Ethics washing, greenwashing, bluewashing, ethical laundering, eco washing… the list of terms continues to grow, and with it grows the risk of charities coming under scrutiny if what they do doesn’t align with their stated values. Simple mistakes, inaccuracies or misleading claims can have big consequences, risking lasting reputational damage among key stakeholders, loss of income and even regulatory intervention.

We can help you protect your charity’s good name and avoid ethics washing based challenges, and have put together our top tips in this guide to help you minimise the risks.

Are you interested in a training session for your in-house marketing, communications, and branding teams, or senior stakeholders? We can discuss how to spot, and avoid, ethical washing claims and how to respond if any issues arise.

If your charity would like support in any of these areas, is already facing allegations of ethics washing, would like to organise a training session, or if you have any questions on how to protect your brand more generally, please get in touch.

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