The government announced in July 2023 that they intended to significantly increase visa and nationality application fees this autumn.

With effect from 4 October 2023, the fee increases are as follows:

  • Student entry clearance visa fees will increase by 35%.
  • Most other entry clearance visa fees will increase by 20%.
  • Family visas, settlement and citizenship application fees will increase by 20%. Meaning settlement/indefinite leave to remain applications will increase to £2885 (up from £2404). Naturalisation applications will increase to £1500 (up from £1250).
  • Certificates of Sponsorship and Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies will increase by 20%. The issuance of a CoS will increase to £239 (up from £199).
  • Most work and visit visa fees will increase by 15%. For example, Skilled Worker/Global Business Mobility-Senior or Specialist Worker entry clearance applications (based on a Certificate of Sponsorship issued for three years) will increase to £1420 (up from £1235).

Please also note that priority, super priority fees and User Pays Visa Application Centre appointment fees are also expected to increase. Out-of-country non-settlement priority service will increase to £500 (up from £250). In-country Super Priority Service will increase to £1000 (up from £800).

Immigration Health Surcharge

There has been no increase to the Immigration Health Surcharge, but these increases are scheduled for later this autumn. It is anticipated that the Immigration Health Surcharge will rise to £1,035 per year. We will provide a further update to you once a date for this increase has been announced.

Things to consider now

Here are 3 key things you can consider now with these upcoming fee increases:

  • Should an application be filed now?
    Applications which are filed online prior to the 4th October 2023 will continue to be charged on current rates so applicants may wish to consider if it is possible to file before the fees increase to avoid the significant increases.
  • Will an employer cover part of the immigration fees?
    Remember that for those of you being sponsored, the sponsor must bear the cost of the Immigration Skills Charge as this acts as a business levy on sponsors.
  • Are visa repayment policies the norm?
    We’re seeing more employers putting in place visa repayment policies so that they can claw back some of the permitted immigration fees.

If you’d like to discuss how this affects you or your organisation, please do get in touch.