Chetal Patel, partner in our Immigration team has recently spoken to Personnel Today regarding the further details that have recently been revealed on the UK’s points-based immigration system, including the criteria under which points will be awarded.

Under the current law, people who want to live and work in the UK are able to apply for a visa under one of three routes: the Skilled Worker route, the Global Talent route, or the Start-up and Innovator route. Now, a 130 page document, published by the Home Office this week, states that there will be no overall cap on the number of people who can apply for a visa under the Skilled Worker route, but those who apply under this route will need to score a total of 70 points – made up of 50 points scored through meeting mandatory criteria and a further 20 “tradeable” points awarded depending on their salary; being offered a job in a shortage occupation; or having a relevant PhD.

Commenting on the publication of this document, Chetal noted that it means firms can finally begin to understand the new immigration framework.

She went on to state that “the new system is intended to be fair and ‘will treat people from every part of the world equally’. It’s clear that the government’s intention is to take on board the lessons learned from the wrong doings experienced by the Windrush generation and it’s only right that this is done.” However she also noted that it was “still a disappointment” to see that lower skilled workers such as care workers and care assistants “are not catered for under the new system”.

To read the full article and more of Chetal’s commentary on this topic, please click here.