Partner and senior advisory opportunities

If you’re potentially interested in joining Bates Wells, but you’re not quite sure where to start, you can speak to me confidentially in a no-obligation conversation.

You may prefer not disclose too much information about yourself – you current situation may be sensitive, or you may know people in the firm.  Perhaps you want to test the water with us and explore whether there could be an opportunity.

As HR Director, I welcome the opportunity to talk to you directly as an alternative to approaching a head-hunter to facilitate an introductory conversation with people in the firm.  You have assurance of my confidentiality.  

What you can expect to happen if you phone me

I’ll ask you to share information that you feel comfortable doing so in an initial conversation – enough information for me to take to the relevant business area and talk about you in general terms.   We’ll need to know the role you are undertaking, the areas of work you cover, a sense of where you think there may be client opportunities and following and why you think Bates Wells may be a good fit for you.   Armed with that information, I’ll then be able to talk to relevant people.   A CV or LinkedIn profile might be the next step, or an initial informal coffee.  

So if you want to have an initial chat, you can get hold  of me at [email protected].  As no-one else has access to this email, your identity will only be known to me.