Recently retiring as the Chief Executive of the UK Electoral Commission, I have for many years worked in the political arena across the administration of elections and referendums, through to the regulation of political and campaigning finance rules.

  • Developing and advocating policy approaches on matters related to the democratic system
  • Working and briefing on electoral legislation, including the political finance rules
  • Electoral Commission responsibilities for the regulation of the political and campaigning finance rules.
  • Engagement with Government Ministers, politicians and their advisors, as well as with political party senior officers
  • Numerous appearances before parliamentary select committees
  • Part of the core lead team in the running and regulation of national referendums
  • Directly administering Elections as a Returning Officer
  • Being the Electoral Registration Officer
  • Articles on electoral matters and media interviews
  • Speaking at conferences and seminars, including internationally
  • Legal advisor to the Local Government Boundary Committee for England
  • Working for public local authorities at senior levels through to Chief Executive