I am an associate in the data and privacy department at Bates Wells. I have advised on a wide range of data protection issues, ranging from general compliance to specific queries arising in individual projects, products and services.

  • I have assisted a number of organisations, headquartered in both the US and UK, with GDPR-compliance, including assessments of the applicability of the GDPR and direct marketing rules under PECR and preparation of privacy notices (including website, beneficiary, employee and volunteer privacy notices), data processing agreements, internal data protection policies, responding to subject access requests, handling data breaches as well as other documentation.
  • I have assisted organisations with assessing the data protection implications of corporate transactions and mergers, including data processing terms, due diligence, and warranties in share purchase agreements.
  • I have assisted a number of global organisations to assess the privacy implications of various projects and technologies, both from a data protection perspective and in light of wider privacy concerns.