I am a dual-qualified barrister and solicitor. I advise mainly employer clients on the full range of employment law and HR issues.

  • Independent investigator I undertook an independent investigation into allegations of conduct against a Senior Management Team member following concerns raised by multiple employees after a restructure of the department. Against a complex factual background and 22 allegations of misconduct I produced a clear and concise report concerning the evidence enabling the client to take decisive action and move forward.
  • Resolving dispute between CEO and Board I advised a medical charity in relation to a dispute between the CEO and Chair of the Board. This included advising on the dispute, negotiating the exit of the CEO, resisting proposals of settlement and responding to an extensive data subject access request.
  • Achieving a £15,000 cost award I successfully defended a constructive dismissal, age and sex discrimination claim brought against a national charity. During proceedings I unearthed that the former employee had falsified evidence. I therefore pursued a cost application and achieved a £15,000 cost award in favour of the employer.
  • I acted on the case of X v Mid Sussex CAB (2012), in which the Supreme Court upheld the Court of Appeal and Employment Appeal Tribunal decisions that volunteers are not covered by the protection from discrimination provided under the European Framework Directive.
  • I successfully defended a claim and EAT appeal for disability discrimination against a national disability charity.
  • I supported a Board in an investigation into a complaint alleging bullying and harassment from a senior management team member against the CEO.
  • I defended a claim for unfair dismissal against a national charity involving sensitive child protection and safeguarding issues.
  • I advised on the acquisition of a training provider by a FE College.
  • I secured a strike out of claims at preliminary hearings
  • I defended a whistle blowing claim brought against an arts charity and its Manager and Board Chair.