We’ll look at governance across your organisation, working with you to map out the areas that are going well and those that need more focus. 

You might have certain things in mind that you want us to look at. Often a review of the board is a good starting point – looking at its composition, relevant policies and procedures and how any conflicts are managed. An external evaluation of board performance every three years is a requirement for larger charities under the Charity Governance Code. We can use the governance review as an opportunity to fulfil this and more widely assess your organisation’s performance against the Code.

How we can help

We will:

  • Start by learning more about your organisation by meeting with you
  • Make a suggestion of what our review could cover and propose the cost
  • Conduct a desktop audit, reviewing the documents that you send us
  • Produce a report which will include an action plan with discussion points and recommendations – prioritising areas that need focus now and those that can wait.


Prices for a governance review and report start from £3,500 + VAT.

We’re sensitive to making your budget work– there are areas you’ll be able to work on internally, free resources that we can signpost you to, and we’ll flag where we think you need our help for the follow up work.

Case study: Our work with the Jewish Museum