Post-Brexit, EU nationals no longer benefit from Free Movement and must secure immigration status to work in the UK. This is a sea change for employers as well as individuals, and an important time to consider your organisation’s immigration compliance. In particular, have you thought about…


  • … how will you recruit post-Brexit and whether you need a sponsor licence if you don’t already have one? Remember – EU nationals without an existing right to work or alternative immigration status will now need sponsoring if you want them to work for you if they don’t already have the right to work.
  • … how other visa categories may assist your recruitment plans – such as the new Graduate route?

Right to work issues

  • … whether you’re aware of changes to the right to work regime?
  • … whether you’re conducting right to work checks correctly, to establish a statutory excuse against a civil penalty if you employ an illegal worker?
  • … what right to work documentation you need to ask for from EU nationals post-Brexit?
  • … ensuring you don’t discriminate when conducting right to work checks?
  • … what immigration status interns or those carrying out work experience need post-Brexit?

Licenced sponsors

  • … whether you are fully compliant with your sponsor duties, including all necessary reporting for both sponsored migrants and your organisation?
  • … whether your key personnel are aware of their duties and responsibilities?
  • … when your licence is due for renewal?

Applying for a sponsor licence

  • … the timeframes involved and how this might impact on recruitment plans?
  • …  what systems and processes you will need in place before applying for a sponsor licence?

We can conduct an immigration “MOT” tailored to your organisation’s needs, which could include:

  • An audit of your HR files (or a sample) to check right to work and sponsorship compliance
  • An audit of your HR processes to check right to work and sponsorship compliance
  • Reports and advice on follow-up actions further to the conclusion of an audit
  • A mock Home Office compliance visit including mock interviews with key licence personnel
  • Training on right to work checks
  • Training on sponsor duties

We understand how complex and stressful immigration compliance can be and regularly advise on these issues across a wide range of sectors.

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