Mergers & Acquisitions

We specialise in smaller deals and the AIM market.

We’re known for working with small to mid-cap companies (both public and private). In fact, we consistently rank in the Legal 500 for M&A: Smaller Deals.

By working at the smaller end of the spectrum, over the years we’ve learned how to come up with practical, commercial solutions that won’t cost the earth. We start by working out where the biggest risks are, then focussing our energies there first.

How we help

We have experience dealing with all different types of acquisition structures. We work hand-in-hand with specialists across our firm in related areas – from real estate to tax, to employment (and more).

Every client is different and nothing we do is off-the-shelf. We believe in getting to know our clients well, shaping our approach to fit your priorities.

If you operate internationally, we have the expertise to help. Many of our clients are international or multinationals.