Professional Negligence

Every dispute involving professional negligence revolves around a transaction. Whether it’s a financial product that was misrepresented, a problem on a building project, or incorrect advice.

We understand that having to bring a professional negligence claim against a once trusted adviser is a difficult and stressful time for you. We offer full support and robust management of claims against professionals.

We act exclusively for claimants against lawyers, surveyors, architects, accountants and various other professionals.

Members of our team have previously led one of only two firms on the specialist professional indemnity panel of a major UK bank.

The team enjoys a UK-wide reputation for this type of work. Reported cases include Barclays Bank v Christie Owen and Davies (2016 High Court) valuer negligence, Santander v RA Legal (2014 CofA) breach of trust, and Abbey National v Key Surveyors (1997 CofA) which was the judicial forerunner to the Woolf reforms on single joint experts.

How we can help

We can help you assess a case for negligence, provide pre-action protocols and if going to court is necessary, we can start proceedings.

We apply our experience to deliver expert advice on the law and potential damages levels. We then prepare robust and credible letters of claim and work with our opponents (many that we know) to deliver a successful amicable settlement, often without the need even to issue proceedings.

Meet our team
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