Are you on the journey towards empowering your organisation to do business in a way that is values-driven, as well as profitable?

As the first law firm in the UK to certify as a B Corp, we bring first-hand insight and experience to our legal advice. We go beyond the legal essentials to fully support our clients throughout their B Corp journey.

As a full service law firm we have the expertise to advise our certified, and aspiring, B Corp clients in a number of ways. We can help with the creation of bespoke constitutional and governance structures that really articulate the social identity and purpose of your business. We can solve sustainability issues affecting the premises you own or occupy, support you in building your ESG objectives into your supply chain agreements, and provide advice on bespoke and empowering employment policies and strategic litigation matters too – helping you and other B Corps to tackle the bigger issues.

We’ve put together a guide to provide an overview of the different ways we can help. If you would like to know more, please contact one of the team.