As more businesses look to operate more responsibly, what are the main factors to consider? And how can you avoid greenwashing? Angela Monaghan, Purpose and Impact Lead, shares her top tips as part of Business Reporter’s Future of Responsible Business series.

“There is a growing concern in the UK that capitalism in its current form isn’t working. Campaigns such as the Better Business Act, the British Academy’s Future of the Corporation summit and movements like B Corp are gaining traction, fast. Recent research shows that UK consumers, and particularly younger generations, are hitting companies that do harm where it hurts. And younger people in particular are not likely to have the wool pulled over their eyes by greenwashing.

What can you do to make sure your company isn’t left behind in this groundswell of change – and where should you start?”

In the full article, Angela encourages businesses to think about their goals, values and aspirations and to reach out to businesses and networks who can share advice and support. Angela also considers what practical steps can be taken right away.

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