As we all plan for the ease of restrictions and the return to the workplace, now is the time to consider your space: stay vs go? We’re offering fixed fee packaged services to help you plan how to use your space going forward.

Stay vs go

A fixed fee review of your options of how to adapt your space to fit your organisation’s needs.

Many of our occupier clients have been discussing with us recently the use of their office space in conjunction with their hybrid working strategy planning for the future.

Whether you’re thinking about disposing of your office, moving to a new location or reconfiguring your existing space we are here to advise on your options.

How we can help

We will:

  1. Have an initial conversation with you to discuss your plans for the future
  2. Review your lease
  3. Provide written advice on your options
  4. Have a follow up call to clarify anything.

We’ve developed a fixed fee package, so whether you decide to stay or go, we can help you choose your path with confidence.

Prices for the above start from £950 + VAT. However, we can tailor to your requirements and budget.

View our stay vs go mini guide here.

Rent concession guidance and draft agreement

A fixed fee review for either landlords or tenants on the points to be covered in negotiations and a draft of the agreement containing agreed terms.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant you are likely to be considering a request for a rent concession.  Negotiations over rent concessions are not without difficulty and can be contentious. Both parties will be seeking to come through this difficult time in as good financial shape as possible. However, by working together landlords and tenants can achieve the best results and maintain their relationship going forward.

It is important that any agreement does not store up trouble for later. There are many factors above and beyond the immediate payment of rent that need to be taken into consideration, such as effect on the other terms of the lease, what rights the parties have to end the agreement, enforcement rights and other costs that could be payable. It is vital therefore that all the relevant terms are considered and properly recorded so as there are no unintended consequences arising out of the agreement.

Prices for the above start from £850 + VAT. However, we can tailor to your requirements and budget.

Get in touch To discuss your requirements and book in your rent concession review and draft agreement speak to Mark Traynor (Head of Real Estate) or William Scott (Head of Real Estate Disputes) or your usual contact at Bates Wells on 020 7551 7777

Prices for the above start from £850 + VAT. However, we can tailor to your requirements and budget.