The Queen Street Group has recently published its annual report for 2019/20 on multi-academy trusts, sponsored by Bates Wells.

The Queen Street Group of multi-academy trusts (MATs) exists so that the leaders of MATs can enhance their joint effectiveness through sharing information, exchanging insight, identifying the operational goals they share with regulators and undertaking data analysis. Bates Wells has proudly sponsored the Queen Street Group (QSG) since its inception a few years ago.

The report gives some clear insights into how QSG responded individually and collectively to the unprecedented events that unfolded from February 2020. All are working hard to ensure that the 250,000 children in QSG schools continue to receive high quality education and pastoral care despite the exigencies of the pandemic.

Notwithstanding the many unexpected disruptions to the English education system that QSG has experienced, MATs have been among the most resilient parts of the education system, able to help and support one another, as well as to advise and support other MATs, individual schools and local authorities at a time of stress.

QSG continues to work with policy makers and other system leaders to ensure that the best of the learning and innovation that have been prompted by emergency conditions is captured and evaluated to inform the national conversation about the future of education. Among QSG’s commitments for 2020-2021 is Project 2030, an investigation of what kind of education system is needed in the mid-21st century and the role of the MAT in it.

Click the link below to read the report.