For some years now, those granted indefinite leave to remain have been issued with a BRP that is due to expire on 31 December 2024. Since January 2020, those granted limited leave for a period of 5 years have also been given BRPs that expire on 31 December 2024, despite leave being granted for a longer period. Understandably, this has led to both confusion and concern.

The good news is that the 31 December 2024 date relates to the expiry of the BRP, not the expiry of a person’s leave (unless limited leave was granted to expire that day). 

The Home Office has explained that the 31 December 2024 date reflects  the fact that current BRPs do not incorporate the next generation encryption technology required by the EU for cards valid from1 January 2025. Currently all BRP cards must therefore have an expiry date of no later than 31 December 2024.

Those in this situation will be entitled to a replacement BRP free of charge. However, as yet the Home Office has not announced the procedure for this and information is not expected to be released until summer 2024. BRP-holders should therefore remain vigilant of the date their current leave is due to expire and the need to renew their BRP card.  

If this situation affects you and you’d like some guidance moving forwards, then please get in touch with our Immigration team.