Fundraising Regulator to name charities it investigates

The Fundraising Regulator has changed its investigations process – for any complaints received after today, 1 March 2019, it will publish the names of charities (and other organisations) it investigates. Up until now, the Fundraising Regulator has generally published an anonymised summary of its decisions on its website, and has only named charities in cases where the charity has not co-operated, or there has been a wider public policy reason for doing so.


Under this new approach, the Fundraising Regulator will publish a summary of all complaints it investigates whether the Fundraising Regulator has found the charity to be in breach of the Code of Fundraising Practice or not. Charities (and complainants) will continue to be provided with a draft version of the Fundraising Regulator’s report and proposed summary ahead of publication. The summaries will be published in batches on a quarterly basis, the first set being expected in June of this year.

The Fundraising Regulator has said that it has taken this decision in order to promote and support a culture of ethical fundraising. The policy shift does mean that more than ever, charities will want to ensure that they and their fundraisers are complying with the Code of Fundraising Practice, and that the charity has good complaints handling processes in place. In our experience, if a charity handles a compliant well, it is rare for the complainant to take the issue up further with the Fundraising Regulator. Additional guidance on effective complaint handling can be found in our recent article.

BWB will be hosting a roundtable discussion on dealing with Fundraising Regulator investigations in conjunction with the Institute of Fundraising on Tuesday 21 May 2019. Places are limited – please contact Hannah Lyons if you would be interested in attending.

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