We have joined more than 5,000 companies globally to set a science-based target to keep our emissions in line with 1.5˚ C heating from pre-industrial levels. To set the target we worked with fellow B Corp, Grain, to measure the emissions from all of our spend including all purchased goods and services (scope 3 emissions). Our target is an ambitious one with a ‘fast start’ trajectory. We aim to halve our emissions by 2030 across all three scopes of emissions, and reach net zero (at least a 90% reduction) by 2050 or sooner. Our baseline year is 2019 and our target has been validated by the Science-Based Targets Initiative.

We’ve included all purchased goods and services in our calculation. This means that we are aiming to reduce the carbon footprint of everything from our medical insurance, solicitors practicing certificates and library subscriptions (all things critical to allow us to do our jobs) to our energy use, purchased goods and equipment and staff working from home emissions. We know that we will need other industries to take action if we are to meet our net zero target but we’re encouraged that we have already made a 26% reduction overall in our carbon footprint from our baseline year (2019) and our operational footprint continues to be low. The biggest challenge we face in reducing our footprint comes from those purchased goods and services that we have very little control or influence over. We’re exploring how to influence change and collaborate with others in the sector and with our suppliers to try and help everyone reduce their emissions, while continuing to make sustainable purchasing decisions and encouraging our suppliers to set their own carbon reduction targets.

We’ll continue to publish more detailed breakdowns of our carbon footprint and actions to reduce our footprint in our annual impact reports. And we are determined to go as far as possible in reducing our impact on the environment.

You can learn more about our carbon reduction journey to date here.