Updating your B Corp articles & governance

Our impact team wrote the legal test for B Corps, as well as the draft legislation behind the Better Business Act in the UK, so we know the nuts and bolts of B Corp governance like no other. 

How we help

We can make amendments to your articles of association to incorporate the UK legal test for B Corps, including embedding a ‘triple bottom line’ requirement in relation to directors’ duties. Once you have passed a special resolution (75% voting shareholder consent) to formally approve these changes, and filed your updated articles with Companies House, you will be able to acquire the full 10 “mission lock” points in the B Impact Assessment.

We can help you explore the different ways that strengthening your governance structures could deliver your strategic objectives with improved transparency and oversight, such as by appointing a non-executive director or putting in place a non-fiduciary advisory board, board observer or patron.

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